Wednesday, January 21, 2009

let gueSs...

here is a question asked by one of my frenz.. ^^

let guess..see whether u all can get the right answer anot..

drop me a comment to tell me the answer..haha..

it sounds....

" every sweet will got it wrapper..
n of sweet only got one sweet wrapper right..
one sweet cost for RM 1.00..
n..every three sweet wrapper can be change to get one sweet..
now u R given RM 15.00..
how many sweet tat u can get in the end?!? "

haha..tell me the answer as soon as possible..

will tell the right answer in my next post..

c ya..hehe..

p/s: answer with explanation..why u guess tat much of sweet..^^


[=*~-.ღJιинJιинღ ღ丽君вισиι¢ gιяLღ.-~*=] said...

got 21 sweets lor...hahaha...n got 2 wrappers..hehe...i tell the reason if my answer correct..hahaha...hehehe

Yan said...

erm..15 sweets..
i guess only la.
*totally blur*