Wednesday, January 14, 2009


ha ha ha.. its Wednesday again.. means.. its my off day again..haha..
so..its time to update my bloggie..

haizz..dunno wut to say tim..

as i have said..i'm working recently..everyday..
so my daily routine is just work, work n work..
not dat boring..kinda so..haha..

so wut i can update here still about my work..
can just left my blog if bored to hear this from me..haha..

well..I'm working at fitness first..a gym centre..of coz..there's many leng zai n leng lui over there..
and all the personal trainer/fitness instructor body is so nice n fit..haha..

there's a very handsome + young de fitness instructor called louis..damn handsome n charming..haha..not too short, not too tall (178cm) + perfectly fit..every time wen i work morning shift..can saw him work exercise..n can c him teach classes..( there's many classes in FF such as body combat,body pump,yoga,ballroom dancing,kickboxing n many many more)..
guess wut..he's one of the most popular fitness instructor dat can achieve the highest sales..muahaha..those auntie love him alotz..those auntie will very high n scream in the class..its true..! haha..n keep saying about him after his class..say very high n syoik..haha..!!

N..tat chan qing yi..dat used to be very quiet n never talk about guyz..also talk bout him..keep noticing him..say he is very busy..haha..chan qing yi..gotch..! just go ahead..i support u..muahaha..

bout me..just like to 'gap'..haha..coz really too charm senior also alwiz say..wah.," he really damn yeng..!!" haha.. he's very nice wen talking to him..n very serious wen training man..

i ever asked him..R u a gay..?! haha..since most of those handsome n charming guy like gay..haha..n he told tat he's not..crazy me..go n ask ppl such a question.. Xp

haha..i hope he will never accidentally bump into my blog..if not..I'll die..haha..

n of coz..besides him..still got others la..those senior,eleven..said there's a guy look like Daniel Wu..n yes he is..haha..bout others..of they R gay..haha..handsome guy in kl..mostly is gay la..

n leng lui..sure got alotz also guy senior,Patrick..only greet those leng lui..=.= haha..

working at FF..sure got it benefit..not really interested with them but can 'gap' them..not bad..if boring the working life is..haha..

besides working..can work out over there with good..dat day,after working..go do gym lo..but too bad..too many machines dunno how to use..haha..i mean with the right with my friendly smile..i go to the personal trainer corner..n asked one of the personal trainer to teach me..haha..and i manage to do it..haha..actually if members want personal trainer,there hv to pay more den 1000++ to get one for 10 times personal training session for one hours cost more then 120++..those personal trainer every hour also very treasure coz the paid due to basic salary..if they waste time on me..means they hv no salary on tat hour..haha..but they very good la..teach me also..

den i start work out lo..after run for 30 for awhile..start doing the use of the me one by one,how to exercise with those machines..haha..due to me,too playful..n keep laughing wen training..he's like..duh..=.=!.. saying: "hey..wen i train members,they very serious de lo..not like u..where got ppl keep laughing wen doing exercise?! " haha..sorry lo..coz his face really too cute..a 19 years old guy..with baby funny wen so serious teaching to do those actions..muahaha..sorry..i din mean it..!! wut a cutie guy he is..nice to bully..who ask him only 19 n younger than me few day..haha..! anyway..sorry n thankz alot,kelvin..

actually..kinda fun to work there also..everyone asked me why i wanna work at there? is it bcoz of my sister?! wut i answer is dunno..coz the real reason is..coz can do gym free + got salary sum more..! muahaha..naughty leh me.. Xp

k la..this time till here first la.. i wanna go n get ready liao..i wanna go work out again..with qing yi n eleven.. hope i can slim down as soon as possible la..haha..!!~

c ya..


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