Sunday, January 18, 2009

my mood diary..

another working day..

haiz..sunday..sometimes really very lazy to wake up early in de morning to go to work..but somehow..have to..

since de day i started to work..i'm working in morning shift.. morning shift gonna end SOON..!
haiz..just another two more days to go for my morning shift for January..

tell the truth..
altot its really lazy to wake up in de morning..
especially me..hv to wake up at 4am every morning to get ready..
haiz..wut to do?! due to i alwiz do things very hv to wake up earlier to do preparation lo..

i do love my morning shift..
u noe why?!
i'll the de FIRST one dat greet them GOOD MORNING for them dat come into fitness first..
to those members..dat waiting for us to open..
to the personal trainers n fitness instructor..dat hv to come early in de morning to train ppl..
to those cleaner kakak n abang..

every morning is a new beginning.. de morning..everyone is with nice nice mood..
wen i greet them good morning..they will greet me back or give me a smile..

its really too good to be de first one dat greet he or she..
tat's why i like my morning shift.. =)

aww..but afternoon shift gonna start soon lo..
hv to work till 11.30++pm..

but i guess its another experience dat i can gain..
let me feel the different..
n learn more things..^^

sadly say bye to my morning shift..
afternoon shift..!!

p/s..tell u all something..tat i found out really funny this few day..
as u all go into the gym area..
firstly they have to swap their fitness first membership card at the bar there b4 they can go in..
there's "some" members.......
take out..
those card such as card..bonuslink card swap..
n den asking..why cant i go in?! the machine something wrong or bla bla bla....
but actually.....
laugh till i stomach cramps..!!
take IC,bonuslink card,credit card to swap..hoping to get in?!?
tat's how "funny" some members are..
swt swt swt.. =.=!

18 jan 2009


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