Wednesday, January 7, 2009

my working dayz ^^

haha..long time din update my bloggie already..kinda busy..hehe..

yea..i am working recently.. started from 5th of january 2009..

today 7th of january..after two day of working..guess wut..?!?!

haha..i got my day off..

so happy..after two day work den got day off..haha..

can can update my bloggie..^^

hmm about my jobs..not bad is wut i can say..i got nice nice uniform..white colour blouse,deep blue colour de skirt,blazer, n scarf..totally free..

my jobs not so hard also..just hv to greet members..scan vcd/dvd rental n return..payment...etc...

my daily routine is.. " hello good morning/ afternoon/ evening.. OR bye..see u again.. OR may i have ur membership card pls.. " haha..

all my others team members very nice..malay or indian who noe cantonese..others is chinese..esp..qing good can work together..come together..break together..go back things ppl need alone..until my teams members said.." wah..y both of u so 'ngam' de..?!" haha..coz we greet members at the same lo..

my woking condition also not played all the time..with cooling air-cond..clean n nice.. can c different kind of ppl..many leng zai n leng one,nice one..foreigner..n many more..kinda funny also..of coz with of of those special senior said them 'psyco'..haha..but for me..nothing also la..working ma..+ in this world really got different kind of ppl de need to get angry..^^

working at leisure mall there..i met alot of ppl..cochranean i mean..haha..some of them kinda shock wen c uniform wear with suprised tat i will work there..haha..really so suprised?!?! wondering..hmm... =.= n of coz i saw some passing by but they din c me..which going to neway to sing k..i think..haha..

next..guess wut..?!?! there's once a guy(uncle) come over me n qing yi n said.." hey galz..i realised dat u smile alot hurr?!? actually wen member come in..sure with blackie face..u no need to smile to us worr..!!"
den both of us smile again..den i replied him.. " smile good ma..can brings happiness to others..wen they come in with unhappy face..but after smile with them,den they will hv a nicer mood.." lolz..!!

but we requested to do so by senior, my manager..but of coz..we willing to do so la..not being force..haha..

everything seems good in far..but one thing leg is killing me..!! pain like hell man..tat stupid 'high-heel'..! actually i already bought the one with the shortest inch got ar?! but still..! haiz.. guess i still not biasa with it gua.. >.<

hmm..working so far..hehe..two day actually..ok ok la.. wish all my coming day will be as smooth as now la..nothing bad happen..!! lolz..^^

actually i wish to update more post de..but i really busy..many draft n ideas but no time to post hv to let it be lo..hmm....

oh off day is every Wednesday..if u all wanna date me out..find this day ba..haha..but guess also no one wanna date me out de la..lolz..!

p/s..nothing bout my working..just too happy..! i just bought Fahrenheit latest album..!! ( yue lai yue ai ~ love u more n more ) muahaha..!~just wanna share my happiness here..hehe..coz guess all tat view my blog..all is my beloved frenz..hehe..

c ya..!!~


ur truly,

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