Saturday, January 17, 2009


17 jan 2009

today is de annual dinner of my company,fitness first..
therefore v closed at 5pm..
everyone dressed nicely to attend the dinner..
but too bad..i cant attend it..i din get the invitation..due to i'm a new comer n part timer.. X(
all staff for fitness first in whole Malaysia is going to attend this annual dinner..
wah..can think how grand the ceremony is...

my life..consider ok this recently..
not much sad thing..still dat cheerful gal i am..

but sometimes..i feel bad..
wondering in working environment..everyone must fighting each others n back stab behind?!
of coz i'm NOT one of them..
just wondering..
in my department, there's a new galz called nurul..all the seniors dont really like her..but i'm fine with her, with everyone thou..=)
today..wen my senior Patrick asked me where the nurul is..just a simple answer from me..reading newspaper n drinking coffee..(actually dat time not much dat can break awhile)..
but after dat..dat i cant expect..wen another senior come..the one dat with experience..patrick told her bout tat..den..straight away she go n call my manager about tat..
haiz..suddenly feel like..wut is this life is?!
i really wish tat we really can work as family..harmonies with no back stab..but yet..
awwwh..! i'm bad..i shouldnt say anything..i should just say i dunno..i hate be one of the backstabber dat i din mean it.. haizzzz...

ok..another beloved frenz..qing yi..
at last she changed..
she is falling with the guy..
so interested in him n keep asking things bout him..
den i'm the one dat go n ask the guy everything bout him..
sigh..! how if he misunderstood dat i'm the one dat love him?!
first time i realised she got such reaction..talking with guy..n keep noticing him..
dunno y..dat day..i suddenly said.." qing yi..suddenly i feel like i dunno u? "
awww..why am i saying this?!?

but..wen i'm in bad mood..
luckily got qing yi accompany me do gym..
to release out my stress n depress..
yesterday i feel like kinda unhappy..
den after work i go n change to sport attire..workout..!!
i pulled qing yi to the running machine n run like hell..
den keep doing exercise like cycling..n many many more..
qing yi also say i really look indifferent tat day..y seems like so angry..?!
after awhile..qing yi say wanna rest awhile..
till den only she tell me..
altot u look different today n run like this..very tiring accompany u to do so..
but i more 'rela' u do gym like this rather than cut ur hand again..
i'm like...
oh yea..suddenly feel like..wut a nice frenz u are..haha..
thx alotz n sorry..coz today u tell me ur leg very pain coz yesterday..haha..
really sorry..

haiz..too many things happened in this one weeks++ time i started to work..

its another stage of my life..
written down another beautiful page in the diary of my life..
altot sad things happens..but if sad things never occur, how am i gonna noe the feeling of happiness?!

" The idea that happiness could have a share in beauty would be too much of a good thing."

ur truly,

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