Sunday, January 4, 2009

my holidayz..^^

.:: my holidayz.. ::.

first destination : CaMeRon HighLands

tea farm..standing up here to take some photo shot..really nice view^^

the highest mountain of Cameron highlands : top of Gunung Brinchang.. 6600+ feet..tat time is raining heavily n so windy..i'm standing at a tower up there..imagine how cold i am tat time.. @@ i love here..!!~

the hotels dat i stay in Cameron highlands..Century Pines Resort..not bad..kinda nice..^^

my bedroom..with two bed + one extra bed..for me,my sister n my cousin sister.

enjoying the tea from cameron valley in my hotel room + taking a mirror pic..haha..the tea so it..haha..

strawberry farm + cactus farm

colourful cactus..

tomatoes trees..

giant pumpkins

wishing pond at the farm there..i throw a coin there n make a wish..n the coin dropped exactly in tat certain 'gold container' down there..haha..

next destination : Penang

the hotel i stayed in Penang..Vistana hotel..

view from my room..i stayed at the highest floor of the hotel..28th floor..kinda scary wen look down..but really cool..haha..can see super sea view^^

another nice view from my room^^

the next day..reached at penang hill..^^

the train tat v need travel to reach the top of the penang hill..

really nice view up the top of the penang hill..can c penang bridge n rainbow^^ love it..!!~ kek lok climb up all those stairs to reach the top..haha..!

tortoises on the way to kek lok shi..

yea..! i'm here..the highest floor of kek lok shi..hv to climb many stairs..but cool..! haha..

one of the view of bay nearby the penang gurney plaza..

really nice view..!~ love it alotz..hehe..

here's some of the pic about my it alotz..!~ more pic n blog post will be update later/ soon.. kinda busy+ lazy recently..will not online alwiz..i guess..summore i gonna start work liao..haha..

enjoy those pic ba..!~

love ya..!!~



4th Jan 2009

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