Sunday, February 1, 2009

the answer..

kinda busy this recently..
so long time din update blog already..
but guess my blog not popular also..
no one will view it..haha..

just passing by to drop down the answer for tat question..

the answer is 22..

the reason..

" one sweet with one wrapper cost RM1.00..
RM 15.00 can get 15 sweets..
den tat 15 sweet wrappers can be change with 5 more sweets..
among the 5 sweet wrappers, 3 can change 1 more sweet..
tat 1 more sweet + the lefted 2 more sweet wrappers can get 1 more sweet.. "

15+5+1+1 = 22

tats the answer..
discover it out..


tats all from me today..
tired..just back from work..

the tired me,

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Yan said...

nevermind..jihn wrong