Saturday, February 7, 2009

some words to u..

to chan qing yi..

i noe u r reading my blog..
there's some word i wanna say to u..

first of all..
really sorry for my childish attitude all the time..
sorry for annoyed u..
sorry coz i alwiz get angry easily..
but u never hate me or angry me..
it make me feel more guilty..
everytime after like i 'scolded' u..
but another day u sure din angry me n smile n talk with me..
like nothing happened at all..
it make me really touched..
n realised how terrible i am..

most important..
just go ahead..
follow ur dreamz..
ur career as well..
no matter how please i am hoping u r not leaving..
if i still blocking u..
for seaching ur happiness n career..
i really dont have the qualification to be called as ur frenz..
a frenz shouldnt stop u for looking for ur hapiness..
n keep asking u to stay,as i noe how much u dont like to stay there..

i still wanna be ur frenz..
so..i wont stop u for doing any decision dat will make urself happy...
just go ahead..
i will support u morally n mentally..

to tell u..
the way of bcuming a personal trainer/ fitness instructor is not easy..
n can be said very very tough..
u must add oil..! matter how hard ur life is..
no matter how stress u r in ur coming day..
no matter u r sad or happy..
i'll alwiz here..
just look for me ba..!
coz tat's wut a frenz for..
give u punch me also nvm la..

so lo..
altot i dont believe in forever frenz..
but hopefully..
v can be best frenz..reaching for forever..

yea..tat's all..

c ya..


ur truly,
the naughty me,

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