Thursday, February 5, 2009


hmm..long time din update my blog already.. T.T

its 5th feb already..means..its already been a month since i start working..haha..
time flies..din realise it tim..
n of coz..salary coming out soon..!! muahaha..
i just cant wait to go shopping.. ^^

today my manager asked me whether i wanna change bcum a permanent worker anot..since i'm a part timer over there..if i wanna change..she will send me to training..haizz..decision again..i really dunno..should i continue?????

guess wut let me think so long..??
its bcoz of tat chan qing yi lo..
she dont wanna continue working as front of house already..
she want to bcum fitness instructor liao..
haiz..sad la...
chan qing yi..! i noe u got read my blog..
harr?!?! how dare u treat me like this????
sad ah..!!!
blek..! Xp

actually i kinda happy working over there..
ppl over there quite nice..^^
n me..^^ haha..
think back dat manager suddenly asked me whether i am happy anot working there?
dunno why..tat time really dunno how to answer her..

ah.!! actually very tired now..
just back from work..
n disappointed..
coz my workout plan canceled..
i went shopping with qing yi liao..
too bad..

n now..
the most important thing to do..
is to prepare something really special for my beloved brother, francken bday..
haiz..really no idea wut to give him..n do for him..
10th of February summore..
no time..!!!

think back dat day i told my colleague dat i purposely working just to buy present for francken..
they really believe it..
but it kinda true also..
one of the point..

dunno wut to update liao..

biggest wish now..
is can do something special for francken..
dont wish qing yi to leave me..
but i guess also no hope de la..
but if she can do something dat she like n make her happy..
den go ahead..
just all the best ba..

..haha.. got to go..


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