Friday, February 5, 2010

wednesday off day went for shopping.. Haiz.. Within one hour spend about RM 400.. Within 2 day i bought 6 pair of shoes..

Haiz.. I really a big spender.. Continue like tis i'm really gonna broke soon..

Today just 5th of the month.. I take out RM 2000 from bank liao.. But tis month become a good girl la.. RM 1000 is for parent.. Never mind la.. Money gone still can earn.. Luckily tis month salary still can afford me to do so.. But haven go shopping yet for chinese new year! Haiz.. Never mind.. While i can give.. I will give. Ppl around me happy den i also happy lo.. :)

sharing is caring.. :)

my dear di di.. Don sad sad liao.. Cheer up ok.! Jie is here with u.! Hehe..


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