Friday, February 5, 2010

last off day i went back to a place dat i don wish to go.. Because over there has some memories of me dat i don wish to fresh back.. Somehow i understand dat from where i falls down.. From there i need to stand up..

Today at last i got time to send my phone to sony erisson store to repair.. :( need to reformat.. Meaning dat all my previous msg in there will lost.. And all my memories.. One of the reason i din repair it earlier coz really feel bad thinking dat all the msg in there gonna lost.. :( my memories.. My sweet msg.. Especially all my msg from.. So sad.. Maybe its fate.. Its pointless to keep all those msg while everything is gone and no longer have.. But i just wish to read all the msg first before i send to repair.. But now its all gone..

Why la.. Sure drop on floor too many times already.. Haiz.. All reality now.. Gone den gone.. No time for me and pointless to regret.. Its time to let go.. And as fate so..


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