Sunday, February 28, 2010

life of gemini gal~

hmm.. it has been awhile dint update blog already. many things to share actually..but sometimes or alwiz busy with works..really no time to update my blog.. :(

today is 28th feb.. last day for this month.. Happy Birthday LOUIS.. may ur dreamz come true :)

february..a short month.. and chinese new year month.. nothing special actually.. coz i work at cheras, stay at cheras as well n cheras is my home town.. so holidays few days also stay home only.. nothing special.. kinda boring, but good time for me to rest.. this year din even gamble as wut usually chinese new year will do.

a little suprise is just at 12.00am, 14th feb.. i got a call from somebody.. wen i answer hello, den the first word dat i heard is, leanne, would u be my valentine..? haha.. in the end i just haha.. coz i thought he was playing.. den few days later he ask me back wuts my reaction after i hear the sentence..only i noe he is saying the real one, den still the same, i have no reaction.. and equal to, i din agree it..

sometimes just dont dare to tell them, actually, i really dont feels like wanna get into any relationship.. i am already exhausted n too tired after my day n night working schedule.. tired till i really no time n no feel to go for dating.. sorry.. not tis moment..

talk back bout works, haizz, too bad, this month i cant achieve my budget.. =( den come a new boy dat freaking ego n like look down at me.. sad sad sad :'( everything just like going wrong...

BUT, NVM..!! this month is over now! new beginning for March! i'll start again.. well, typical gemini gal, wont sad for too long geh.. hehe.. gambateh lo~


march will going back for training at damansara liao.. coz my manager feels dat i need some improvement for my performance.. den i need to get back to basic.. nvm.. i like going for training anyway.. haha.. it will be alotz of fun.. meeting new ppl.. haha..just one thing too bad, after morning training, evening must get back to office to do sales,.. sure will be tiring day.. >.< haizz..

hape everything will be better in march..! goodbye sad sad february.. welcome march! hehe.. 3 more month to go for 21st bday.. aiya, will get older again.. need to work hard hard now to earn money.. I WANT HOLIDAYSSSSS..!! hehe..!

must work harder! believe it is possible..! make it possible.. =)

-the gemini starz-
- waikuen-

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