Sunday, February 7, 2010

Today is in a terrible mood.. Leave me.. Pls do not disturb..

Today office is in fire.. Everyone is quarreling.. All also very mad and angry.. Office politic.. I just don like it.. Early in the morning.. When team meeting everyone is get scolded by manager.. Especially me coz cant get appointment for today.. For me never mind coz i'm really wrong.. But for others is just on fire.. Manager scold ppl, ppl scold him back.. Everyone in the room just like wanting others to die.. Putting fire and bad stab behind, which i hate the most.. I alwiz keep quiet coz i don wanna include myself in it..

I just don like to work under tis environment.. Cant everyone work happily in peace and like family? Wen everyone is quarreling, my tears just rolling down my cheek, i really don like the situation which everyone like tis.. Where's our team work? Aren't they alwiz say we work as a team, we fight as a team, we won as a team and altot we fail also fail together as a team.. Together we stand, together we fall? Where's the spirit once we won the best club all around the global, among all fitness first in world? Tat time not we share our happiness together, we work hard together?!?

Why? Why everyone changed so fast? Can u all stop quarreling? Can u all stop bitching around.? Can u all keep the tiny room tat we used to work together peace? When can u all stop back stab? Is tat bring any benefits to u all if keep bitching around all day? Please la.! If continue like tis, how we gonna work together under tis environment?!? Everyone also like no mood to work..

Can u all stop fighting? Please?

I don wanna listen to all those back stab.! I'm not happy listening to it'! We are a team ! We are together! U all understand anot?

Shhhhhh... I need peace and silence..

Leave me.. Don bitch in front of me.. I appreciate it..

Please do not disturb..

-the really need peace, me-


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