Sunday, November 30, 2008

three more papers to go..!!~

hmm..last day of november lo..

without realising..the year has come to the end..

seriously..dunno y..i feel dat this time really passed so fast..

n yea..still got three more papers to go.. pengajian am 1 , pengajian perniagaan 2 n makroekonomi..

after this..freedom is upon me..!!~

really the end of my high school more school more school rulez..n bla bla bla..~

the another path of my life..!!! i'm coming..!!!~~~

getting older n older..huhuhu..stepping in the 20th.. i come..!!!~ my high school life..enjoyed it very very much..

love ya..

30th nov 2008
0255 a.m

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