Saturday, November 15, 2008


3 more days to go..

.:: STPM ::.

haiz....really feel myself very terrible..i have no mood to study at all..everyday just wasting time doing nothing..stpm is here..but yet...

really dunno wut happen to me..pls give me some spirit to study..!! i need help..!!

i'm lost..

i dunno where should i start my revision..i have no target..i have no motive..haiz...really dunno how to express..

sometimes wen ppl sms me saying tat i can score very well in exams..but..i noe myself..i din am i gonna do well in examz?! the more u all say like this..the more i feel i'm useless..

this moment..everyone sure studying very very hard..except me..the results is..the will score very well except me..i really really hope dat i can study like them also..but i cant..i feel so suffering..haiz..i noe i cant do it.....

pls dont put high hope on me..i will just disappoint everyone....haha..wut am i saying one will put hope on one will carez me either..


haiz..till when i can stop behaving like this?!

i need help...............!!!

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