Friday, November 7, 2008

i miss u all..!!!!!!!!!


hmm..this is really the last day for us lo..the upper sixers n form 5 de..v started our 'holiday' formally until the SPM n STPM day arrive..

really last day for us to meet those others form de student liao..hurrrrr...so0o0o sad...

seriously i really very very sad n just feel like dont wanna leave them..dont wanna leave cochrane..i miss jwolin,francken,vuan zhin,fiona n many many more..haha..

today i really feel like tears almost fall down but luckily no one saw it..haha..coz kinda sad..dunno y..i just feel like being throw behind by others..they just left like tat..

i really dont like the feeling of being left behind without realising my appearance there..

i'm just like all alone... =(

today after school..wen i just being left behind..i saw jwolin..haha..luckily she din saw my tears..haha..i wipe it away ady..i tot wanna say goodbyez to her n walk to jj all alone.. she is waiting for mark, hon sim n yenchin to have their lunch together..n i accom her to wait for them awhile but at last ends up with me,jwo n yc having lunch together in kim gary..its fun especially with the super lame person,ee yen chin..haha..

after dat..yc leave first due to he is having tuition at 2:40..after paying the n jwo continue walking n chit-chating around in jj..still de same..we hv endless topic to talk..haha..we stay at mph n sit there n keep talking n talking..without realising..until it's almost 6pm..haha.. btw..jwo..u cried easily..scared me eh..haha..


actually...i love cochrane eh..i enjoyed my school life in cochrane very much..having them as my frenz lighten up my life alotz...i miss u miss u n miss u class mate..n everyone..very very much..

i miss my class..every corner full with my memories..every notice board dat i hv staying back late to complete it as a head of notice board..the class time table..the pelan kedudukan..the misi n visi class..the one with everyone bday stated down on dat special corner..the mail-box..every table dat i wrapped it up nicely with present papers..

most important is the two years memories with all my class mates in de class..i miss it..

n outside de class room..i miss de day jwo n francken come n find me..chating so happy behind there until they missed three period for ponteng class chat with me..haha..sorry..!~

i miss my eb room dat i used to stay there for most of the time to do my duties..the bilik koperasi dat i used to duty on every tuesday n friday..the ubk room tat i used to lepak m ponteng class chit chating with nuriyah,amirul,johari,anis n my counselling teachers..

alotz of fun i have in cochrane..

thx everyone for giving me such a nice memories for this long..

still the same..n most important..i miss u the most..! francken n jwolin.. beloved brother n sister..!!

all the very best for u all..n forget me not..!!~

love =)


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