Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Today my mood already not good.. Den now I'M ANGRY TO THE MAX..!

Dunno how those ppl work one..! Not efficient at all.!

Thought wanna do reason parking at my new working place.. Due to daily parking fees is Freaking expensive! Summore reason parking is not cheap at all.. Wanna give business to them also need to 受他们气! Purposely went to their stupid office to do the paper work.. Den when I arrived there, say need my company offer letter.. Den I brought my employment contract to them.. But then give excuses dunno the person in charge is working or not.. Den call call call.. So called person in charge is in holidays.. Back to home town.. Fine.. Den, only come back ends of the month.. Another person cannot do.. This person need to find another, another find another.. Den need another official letter from company.. He cant do anything.. Just keep giving those Freaking excuses.. Nonsense! Besides than the person in charge, others cannot do meh! No replacement meh?! If the person in charge forever never come back, work no need to do la? If the person die, the company need to close down la.?! Wut nonsense is that.. I'm paying for rm30++ per day leh.. Before they come back from Freaking holidays, I still need to pay So expensive and the pass process still need time to do.. Forever never ending cannot do work!

Not only that side, my company side also.. I just need a employee letter.. But this ask me to find that, that ask me to find that,. Tis say call who who who.. Den who who who says need to ask who who who to send email to who who who.. Who who who says not free and not their job and tis and that.!

I'm enough for all those nonsense EXCUSES.! I'm Angry! I'm on fire..! Grrr! It has been long time I never get angry.. But tis time really cant stand for all those stupid attitude..

I need to cool down! Ppl here are crazy.. I hate it..! Seriously I do!


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