Thursday, September 9, 2010

Somehow I wish that I could further my studies..... I wish to study actually.. But reasons reasons and reasons happened dat I couldn't do So.. Dont ask me why, I dunno how to answer... What I could say is, everything happen, happened for reasons..

Realised my facebook is too open.. Too many unknown ppl around.. My dear blog is the only place I can tell wut is in my mind.. Knowing ken is the one dat will alwiz support my unknown bloggie.. Thanks.. Lol..

Now i'm back to sales world again.. Means dat i'm back to suffer from depress and stress again.. Not happy.. Moody.. Emotional.. :(

Today I've done a presentation.. But I couldn't close it.. Wondering is dat my skills got problems? But I noe myself did pretty well..? I'm not happy at all.. Everything is not as easy as I think.. And wondering actually is dat the right decision to get back to the sales world..

I dunno dat i'm ready anot.. I dunno dat have I prepared? I just feel not good when I fail to do the things I suppose to..

I just dont want to alwiz原地踏步.. The reasons why I choose to start from beginning again is I want to improve myself and keep moving forward.. I dont want to just stay in the safety zone and do nothing different.. But what can I do.. Really wish to improve myself and gain more knowledge..

Depress.. Today din get to workout.. Stress is still in me,. Must go attend yoga classes more.. Mind and body relax.. Needed it So badly..

Challenge.. Challenges.. Challengesss..

Wish I could go thru..

I can do it..!

Wish me luck..

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Ken said...

may God bless u that u had chooses the right pathway..
i'm just like u..1st fall to the sales world..u are just 2nd fall into the sales