Tuesday, May 25, 2010


actually tot i'm the one dat wanna resign.. but in the end.. the one dat resigned is my manager, kallon.. very very sad actually..

from the day i become membership consultant.. i noe he has put a lotz of time, efforts, energy in training me.. actually without him, without me today..

i'm someone dat very emotional alwiz.. but he alwiz cheer me up and help me alotz in all my way doing sales..i really appreacite him alot.. i'm glad that when everytime i wanted to give up but he didnt give up me.. thanks for alwiz motivate me and bring me up wen i'm down. show me the light wen i've lost my way.. thankz alotz.

now he want to leave us already.. actually there's no word can express my sadness of his leaving.. he will be working with others fitness club..

i really wish that he will stay here together with us.. but i dont wish to stop him thru his way of success and happiness.. i wish him all the best over there..

truly appreacite u! will miss u alwiz =)

everyone here come and go.. but i'm still here.. haizz.. why leh? >.<

- with sad feeling me -
- waikuen -

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