Tuesday, May 25, 2010

haha..i'm now at CC, typing my bloggie dat i didnt update for long time.. first time.. my colleague, jeffrey brought me here.. coz today no boss, very free.. lolz.. dont laugh at me la.. i really never been to CC before ma..

haizz.. wondering why i only post sad sad things in my blog ar? nothing happy happen in my life recently ar? >.<

oh yea.. got!

on 21st of may, i've my wonderful 21st bday celebration together with my beloved frenz, Joanne leong, siin yan and franciz.. thanks for the present and the early celebration coz i'm going on holidays for my birthday =)

but of coz, wanna wish my dear frenz, siin yan, happy 21st bdaY!!~ now u can went to casino officially.. lolz.. i noe u already been there on the first day of ur bday.. haha.. take me go along next time.. soon..! just 1 more week to go only.. =D

everyday working, really feel very tired.. but, today is the last working day for this month, i am going on leave for my bday.. i'm going to redang together with my colleague, pinky.. haha.. cant wait for that day.. at last i can rest and enjoy.. wanna get tanned like jeffrey dat just back from his holidays at phuket.. =D

21st birthday, HERE I COME..! =)

the first the serving internet in cyber cafe, me,
- waikuen-

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