Wednesday, January 6, 2010

i'm back!

pity my little blog, dead for quite some its time to alive it back!

compared to last time..its has been more den half yar nvr update my bloggie liao.. >.<

just a little news to tell everyone, i'm still fine..haven die yet.. lolz!

time really flies..within a blink, i had graduated from f6 more den a year..from year 2008 till 2009 n now 2010..from 19 years old till 20 years old n coming to 21 years old..getting older n older.. >.<

5th january 2009..the first day i worked with Fitnesss first.. Till now, 5th january 2010.. i'm still this a good news or bad news..kinda shock dat someone dat alwiz impatient like me can stay at this company for a year n i'm still here.. most of my frenz went for future studies, except me.. >.<>.<

in this whole year i have been working with fitness first.. i learned alots n passes thru alotz.. alotz of happiness.. alotz of sadness.. alotz of experience.. alotz of frenz.. outlook appearance also changed alotz.. lolz.. i started with receptionist n now i changed to membership consultant.. last time hair in black, now hair in gold.. but still, i'm alwiz the blur blur one.. haha.. i alwiz bang on the door n bang on the wall of my office.. till all my colleagues used to it.. u bang on door again ar?! biasalah..haha!

i'm happy wen i worked as receptionist coz all of us is like my family, we all love each other, my beloved jie jie- eleven, ezan, shereen, qing yi.. worked as membership consultant make me exhausted coz working really long hours..nice experience working as a salesperson.. i'm tired with the office politic actually.. i hate the back stab from them.. we all is a team but yet, all is stabbing each other from behind.. dont they feels tired? is that helps? for me, i just listen n say nothing.. freaking tired of working liao still wanna waste time n energy do others meaningless things, really dont understand them..

working as salesperson.. i have kinda amount of members.. i alwiz called them up or sms them to wish them happy birthday, happy new year, merry christmas, and if they is in club, i bought them a slice of cake..haha.. wen they happy, i also will happy.. i very good with all my members actually..sometimes thinking of resigning..but once i resign, like very irresponsible coz i signed them up, but in the end leave them.. >.<

seriously after i worked.. my life is all about fitness first.. really so LIFELESS.. i worked at FF, workout at FF, meet all ppl also in FF, know frenz also from FF, scandals also from FF.. sometimes really kinda sienz..

but sometimes i'm glad coz get to know alotz of nice frenz.. sometimes wen i sad, pretend manja den i can get some sweets sweets.. haha.. i like sweets sweets n ice cream.. haha.. oh ya..thinking of sweets sweets, someone owe a candys from taiwan, will get from the person wen i c that person..haha! i like mc flurry ice cream from mc D.. last time wen i sad, someone used to accompany me n buy me an ice cream..we used to meet up at the same mcD n chat there.. nice memories =) that moment has gone, but memories is alwiz in my mind.. thx anyway =)

another things dat make me happy of coz wen ppl achieved their results la..everyone joined us also have their own reason..some ready for competition, wanna train stamina , some wanna maintain a healthy lifestyle, mostly is to lose weight n re-shaping, and build up muscles.. i'm happy wen all my members told me happily wen they said that they achieved they results.. some told me their lose up 5-6kg in a month, some says their diabetis leval decrease, no need eat so many medicines n feels themselves light.. they are really happy working out in FF coz can achieve results, more happy n have friendly ppl like me ^^..lolz!

people happy den i'm happy lo~

hmm.. after all my works updates.. wanna noe more bout my personal life updates? curious dat i'm still single n available or taken.. this question not gonna answer it urself if wish to noe..haha.. one thing dat nvr change is i still very good with qing yi.. qing yi still alwiz be by me all this long.. haha.. she knows everything bout me.. thx qing yi =) but i hope she will nvr leave me after she together with her bf~ haha.. Qing Yi is in
LOVE..!!~ haha!

hmm.. today updates till here la.. more update soon.. wanna know more latest one..better check my facebook actually..

lots of love,
dat still in broken heart mood..

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