Saturday, January 16, 2010


These days altot sometimes kinda moody, But still there's something interesting and happy happened.. Hehe..

These dayz I get to know a few new frenz dat very interesting and funny.. One of them is now my little brother named kah weng..Haha..

In my meaningless life here, kah weng brings alotz of happiness for me and help me to search back my life..Haha.. So recently I alwiz go yam cha with him, and his frenz and of coz with my dearie Qing yi and frenz.. We alwiz having a wonderful tea time together,at night after my works..

Yesterday, like usual.. WE go yam cha,with kah weng,ken ken,Qing yi and xiao teng.. Haha.. I'm driving, so call driving.. Coz yea, i'm stepping On the oil stepper, But kah weng is holding the sterling.. Scare till ken dat sitting behind till half dead.. I'm driving manual car summore.. Drivers dat passing by my car also look at me like so shock..Haha.. Naughty me and kah weng.. >.< we r driving together.. But Its very ok la.. No car On the road also.. And I fully confident with my brother, altot he have No licence yet.. Xp and of coz, we arrived destination safely.. Ken ken's heart almost drop.. XD

Drinking session.! Too bad.. My fav mango ice don have.. >.< each of us ordered our drink lo.. Wen ken's drink arrived, Haha.. WE saw a clear lipstick sign On the cup.! Oh man.. Summore he's drinking milk.. Den ken and kah weng busy taking pic for the evidence.. Den I tot ken will drink like dat lo~ But who knows, kah weng suddenly say out loud, calling the waiter, Hey, u come and c.. Why got lipstick de? Susu from perempuan ke? I tot we ordered susu lembu? Den complaint about it.. =.=! Za dao.. After busy taking pic only wanna complaint.. Say wanna post it up at web worr.. Haha.. So funny la them.. Enjoy the wonderful tea time together !

In my life of 20th.. I go thru alotz.. In brand new year of 2010, till now, the best part is getting kah weng as my brother.. Haha.. Really very cute guy he is.. XD But sometimes he is so naughty.! Coz he is staying so near to my house, so I will fetch him to work as he is working nearby also.. Biasalah.. I'm late again.. Wen i'm rushing to his house to fetch him, who knows he hiding beside my car in front of my house den suddenly say Hi.. Made me almost heart attack and scream till so loud.. Ever since I scream till like tis.. So embarrassed.. Beside that, alwiz kacao me with the sound effect from his phone.. So naughty.! Knowing him two weeks already half dead of get frighten by him, after month sure got heart attack.. >.< But thx him also la.. Bring a lot of happiness to my meaningless life as well.. XD

Haha.. In process searching back my life.. He said will help me to fine it back.! =) well, will wait and see..

- waikuen -

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