Monday, March 21, 2011

New beginning..

after 4 months of doing nothing at home.. now i started my new job.. officially started today 21st March 2011.. hope it will be a good one for me..

this time i gt another challenge to myself, which I've never try before - hotel line.. cool hurr.. guess so..

New job designation is work as Guest Service Agent, Traders Hotel.
not so famous but if u google it, still can find it..

Traders hotel.. its a 5 stars hotel which located at KLCC.. a sister hotel with the famous Shangri-la Hotels.. its a nice hotel anyway..

today started my first orientation day... which as usual.. whatever company details and history we study.. i like study :P together with my 7 new friends, total 8 persons we started our new beginning in here..

of coz besides than study, of coz we have some tour in the hotel.. guess will gone missing somewhere coz walk thru staff entrance and inside the hotel dat guest use to be.. best part is i get to know more bout the hotel which i'm going to work with.. VERY NICE view the hotel have as its facing KLCC.. but worst part is my leg in pain by wearing the high heels walking all day long.. suffering..

the part dat i like the most in the hotel in the view of coz.. Especially the famous SKY BAR.. located at 33rd floor of traders hotel, roof top.. but not open air.. its really really nice.. believe me.. :P its a must to go for a try atleast once coz its really freaking cool.. Swimming pool is at the bottom of the bar.. try imagine at night when u having ur drinks over there, looking at the stars, the nice sky view, the view of KL city and the reflection of those light at the pool.. how cool it is.. but pre caution.. do not get drunk over there as u might fall into the pool if u didnt aware it.. and make sure u r 21 years old above before u trying to enter the club.. :P

others facilities are cool and nice as well.. nice hotel to stay with i guess..

end my day one orientation with the tour.. that all.. :)

after finish den walk over to Menara MBF to look for my someone special.. :P den we go home together~~

Hopefully i can manage to stay longer in this new place..

New beginning..

wish me luck!


with love,

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