Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Current Life..

Day 3 in Traders Hotel..

Still in my orientation week.. so everyday was sitting inside a room.. looking at the slide, presentation and role play whole day from i started to work till i finished work.. eyes is pain and sleepy of coz.. but alots of new things to learn.. That's why i alwiz love training.. including now.. :)

Today learn about smarTraders.. a brand new training in this hotel.. to prepare ourself and empowering our skills to build Traders own empirer as Traders alwiz known under the umbrella of Shangri-La Hotels..

smarTraders training is cool.. Like it alotz.. train by Mr Derick.. He's a man full with experience and hold very high position in all around the world for shangri-la hotels.. he just came back from Maldives.. wow.. hehe.. his training full with energetic, full and cool.. but really got alotz of things to memorize.. and must memorize it coz my exams is coming.. within this week summore.. but i'm excited.. :P

dunno since when i like exams.. since i started in fitnessfirst i guess.. coz been thru alotz of exams in FF and score very well in all my every exams.. :P i like new challenge and i like to study study.. haha..

i started to like my hotel that i'm working with.. guess i will get a very good experience thru this job.. this hotel is full with passionate and ready to fight for our very own empirer and name.. not as much rules and regulation like others hotels, alotz of freedom towards our own preference like hair style etc and more to friendly and young style.. i likey! most important is let me walk out from my lost world dat i alwiz be.. saw my sunshine and rainbow here.. i mean to my career.. not leng zai or leng lui coz i didnt see any yet! :P

training.. training.. and training.. tough time when feels sleepy but its cool to learn new things.. a lotz i mean... let me enjoy my training time first before started to work properly.. started my engine but haven walk yet.. full of mystery and challengesssssss coz i dunno what's next yet.. but would like to explore whatever job scope i got.. its so excited and make my heart beeps faster.. seems fun, but scary.. the feelings of waiting and hoping.. good or bad i am gonna take it.. hard time now will make my life easier after all the hard works and experience.. after that then i will have a chance to go different place, different property under shangri-la in oversea to gain new experience.. if i still working here so long.. really a good move for my career if i really do have the chance..

OOOOOPPPS.. i 4gt bout family.. if i were get married, as plan.. how's everything will go.. miserable life..


oh yea.. only realised.. i started to 4gt things bout FF dat i very confident and clear all the time.. time really can change everything.. or i'm too excited bout my new job.. and of coz.. its good.. at last i manage to put down those that i dont willing to 4gt or too clear everything bout FF before this till cant 4gt.. happy.. :)


I like to move it move it.. u like to move it move it.. we like to, MOVE IT..! wakaka..

Last but not least.. Life so perfect and blessedness now.. having my beloved him, my beloved family and career now.. everything will be fine and go on like this.. love it.. LOVE U..!!~

* me sitting in Fitness First Avenue K( wondering? i joined back as member here, that's why i am here.. hehe), completing my blog post.. :) ooopss, i suppose to do my work out! nah.. nvm.. muscle pain after body attack class yesterday.. tomorrow only do la.. hehe.. excuses as usual.. blek!~ :P

With love,

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