Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm back..

I'm back.. To morning shift again.. HaizZz.. So sleepy.. After three month continuous working afternoon shift, cant really wake up early in the morning.. As wut i expected, i really get sick liao.. Every time woke up early in de morning, as usual, i sure will get cold.. Especially under the air conditional condition..

Think back the first month i work morning shift for the whole month, n how much i don wish to end the morning shift, till now, the totally different.. Ah.! After three month afternoon shift,dat allow me to sleep very late, and of coz wake up very late... My schedule ah.! Why like tis de.. I don want morning shift ah.. I wanna sleep.. Haha..

Ah chew.! The most terrible one.. Get cold.! Sleepy plus sick.! N work alone.! Pity me...

HaizZz..tats all from me for today.. The first starting day of my morning shift.. To be continue..

-the lonely sick gal-
- y kuen -

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