Sunday, May 3, 2009

about me, m3 n mE..

before i change my hair is long n black..
taking pic with my colleagues after work..louis,patrick n ezan..

still the old look..with valentine in pink..asking, will u be my valentine?! lolz..

before change to pink..after workout..haha..

one of the membership consultant in fitness first, raymond..the first day i changed my look..with brown + gold hair.. nobody recognize me after changed to this look..haha..

still the same..the hot spot..neway karaoke..with my colleague..eleven.. =)
oooppps!!! make sure u R 18++..hehe..

back to qing yi..u r not forgotten.. dont worry.. ^^

waikuen with raymond..after mcD at leisure mall..

as usual..neway..haha..with ezan..


play until hair also messy liao.. =_=! quottro is the next destination..! lets go clubbing babe..!! ooops..under age?!?

back to work...sienzzzZ...curi tulang-ing in the office..hehe..

and, of coz, absolutely open for registration now
.. lolz..!
signing off...

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