Wednesday, December 3, 2008

LiFe In CocHRanE..!~

without has been almost 2 years in cochrane..
remembering the moment i entered cochrane..sweet n bitter momories i hv..still fresh in my mind..i enjoyed my orientation the most..its one of my best memories in this school..
den i first joined science 1 b4 i transfer to art 2..nice moment i have too..

....:: life in art 2 ::....

[~**= SwEEt MeMoRiEs =**~]

i still remember..
wen i first joined art2..(after one/two week in sc1) frankly tell..i dont like this class.mayb i really hv nice moment in sc1 there..until i think sc1 is alwiz the best..haha..i dont like to stay in art2..whenever no teacher come..i sure will go back to sc1..haha..sorry to say so..

i still remember..
i alwiz keep making noise in tat really quiet de class..haha..biasalah..i'm alwiz loud n noisy..i keep complaine art2..n said..come on..!! everyone..cheer up..dont be so quiet pls..but no one carez me..haha..since i'm just a newcomer..den keep complain..boring ppl studying boring subject { history } in the boring class..!! summore the class is outside de gents' toilet.. the decoration just so so..actually really bored.. in my mind..this class only one word to mention tat is..BORING.. dunno my class members still remember tat i really do keep making noise n complaining anot..haha..i noe..i really sengaja wanna disturb u all studying so quiet there..haha..SORRY..!!~

i still remember..
besides me..still got three more newcomers..tat's.
1) jun jie..(the only one dat tranfer from sc1 together with me)
2) anis ( the one dat just back from ns)
3) ronald ( actually i dunno bout this guy,even his name..haha..just noe he's from dunno sabah or sarawak..hear from ppl)
i'm glad to have them become newcomer together with i'm not alone..
in the beginning..i only noe to ask them..have u finished the homeworks?!? coz slightly cant catch up since late to join art2.. coz i alwiz din do hw..haha..started to worry wen they answered yes..haha..ronald is the one i alwiz ask..coz we same same..din do hw..sorry la..tot wanna ask jj..but everytime his answer sure will disappointed me..coz he sure will beginning she finished everything too..i guess..coz me too bad..influence her gua..hehe..

i still remember..
wen time passed by..we get to noe each others..maybe we get to noe everyone the class not as quiet as last time..mayb..i influence them with my cheerful n enthusiasm..haha..perasaan..then our friendship grow..getting a little bit closer with the angel-guardian game..passing mail around..with the mailbox dat i decorate n do..^^ but to bad..the time v have is so limited until v cant really bcum like a family as others class..( i alwiz so envy others class so unite) den its come to the ends of the year 2007..the ends of our lower six life..

i started to love our class o0o..!!!!!!!!~

i still remember..!
at last..v come to year a upper six..the gor gor n jie jie of the school..haha..n of coz..i love my beloved class actually..U6A2..!!~ many moments we have together the little tat corner..( side to toilet too )..but yet..we still have our happy time there..

i still remember..
mayb its the last year already..n the friendship has build in us..the class seem so harmony this year..n i love it..not only with our class members..with art3 also..there's very good friendship between art2 n art3..this two art harmonies together happily..altot sometimes..teachers really like to compare between us..mayb taking same subject gua..haha..

i still remember..
our beloved teachers..

** cik chan- our economy teacher.. "pelajar" is her fav quote..dunno why..the teacher i scare the most actually..coz i alwiz so weak in her subject + i alwiz fail to complete her she is the most hardworking teacher among all..but everyone love her..she's very koperasi teacher..the beloved teacher among art2 n art3 student..^^

** pn subathra- our class teacher..i have heard her big name n 'good things' tat she done b4 from art3 last year since she start teaching us this year..the most " hard-working" teacher..asking students do do her jobs is her fav thing..haha.. Xp

** pn sarinah- very nice teacher she is..our beloved history teacher..i like her actually..stay near my house..good memory she hv..coz she keep saying n rmb tat she met me b4 near my house there..haha..n of coz..history teacher ma..she alwiz so dedicated..nice wear she hv..everytime wen she entered our class..v like to discover her attire..coz from tudung until her high heels,even handbag as well..match perfectly..n different everytime..haha.. ^^

** pn goh- our beloved muet teacher..kinda funny n nice teacher she is..very kind n teached us many things as well..she's so touched wen we sang happy birthday song to her wen her birthday..she praised us so caring..rmb all the teachers b-day..haha.. ^^

** pn srivali- our pa teacher..everytime essay no need us to do..will tell us all the rangka after the tired of copying since she's reading it so fast..frankly tell..i din copy it..haha..n i saw many of us din copy it as well..haha..she like to tell stories..many many stories..actually she tell stories in our class more den teaching beloved class mate noe tat..haha.. ^^

** en shukor- our pengajian perniagaan teacher..the only guy teacher tat teaching us..he has a very fierce look..with his rotan..but everytime he entered our class..he sure will with his nice n warm smile ..he is a good n nice teacher actually..not in teaching,sorry to say..but his friendly with us..we alwiz so happy wen he hv cases to handle n cant enter our class..haha..busy person he is..dicipline teacher ma.. ^^ long already my blog post..but.. to be continue..!!!
wait for me..!!~
i still hv so much to say about..
those sweet memories together with u all..!!~^^

i really love u all so much..!!!!!!!~~~~
my beloved U6A2..

lots of love,
3rd dec 2008


u6a2 said...

So do U6A2, we love u too wk!

wAiKuEn said...

hehe..^^ thx alotz..!!~