Saturday, December 20, 2008

interview?!? haha..


after so long staying at home..its time to look for a job..coz i almost bankrupt already..only shopping,just outgoing but no income..too bad...

from beginning i only got one target..the only job dat i wanna go for it..haha..

so..i went for an interview,together with qing yi..

wen i arrived there..only i realised, i nvr bring all my cert,resume,fotocopy of my id, it stated down at de application form there..haha..

after asking the application form,we started to fill it up..but too pen..haha..(super blur)..i brought nothing.only hv to ask pen from them..den started to fill de form..guess wut..the form got about 5 pages.. @_@ all in english..+ i nvr fill in such a form b4..ends up, taking so many time over there to fill it up,till the manager come to us,still haven finish..(the manager give us alots of time to fill it actually) =_= awwwhh..there's so many question dat i dunno how to fill it up..tot wanna leave it blank..but stated at de form " no space should be left blank" duh.. but in the ends..still blank..haha..

so wut to do..hv to tell the manager dat i dunno wut to write lo..=_=..nvr brings cert,resume,no working experience..haha..fuh..luckily bout the cert,the manager say its not a problem..luckily..^^

den v started our INTERVIEW..not as hard as i expect..haha..luckily i still noe to talk n answer..just a few of simple question..den the ends of my interview..the result is..wait for call for the second interview..

hurr..interview again..?!? tot the big boss wanna interview once again..

after about one++ week..waiting for the hv to hold my phone 24hours so dat i wont missed the call..but tired of kinda give up my mom long already la..wont call u de onward..i not holding my phone all the time liao..but hu noes..!! wen the day i lefted my phone at my bedroom..there's 4 missed call..+ 1 message wen i checked it in the midnight..bout 2am..GOSH...!!!! wut the...the msg is regarding the job dat i applied..they ask me to contact them wen i can..really...duh....

luckily..i wen interview together with qing yi..they contact qing yi n ask us to go for the second last..i din contact them la..haiz..shows dat i'm not sincer at all..

second interview..! duh..pretend clever..brings all my cert n resume go along..but at last no use..really not important..=_=

first thing..form again..!! haizzz... but this time de form..much more easier than the previous one dat i page only..haha..n its so easy..only name,id number,address,phone number + position i wanna good if the first one also so easy..

still the same..after form den interview lo..kinda fast..just b4 tat waiting for bout half an hour b4 get interviewed..they r so busy.. the process so fast.. n easy also..cant expect it..not as scary as i think..tot get interviewed one by one..but me n qing yi together..haha..

the results is..i get my jobs..!!~ haha.. ( i think) hehe..coz still hv to wait for the confirmation call..but in my opinion..i'm in..we r n qing yi is in together..!!~ haha..due to we r fresh graduated..but they willing to give us a we r working for part time for one month time(trial) den will bcum full do our salary..^^

i will start working at i first..i wanna go for vacation for next n relax first b4 i start my jobs..^^

hmm..i think i love my jobs also la..coz its kinda convenient also..near to my house..^^ uniforms provided..under air cond..salary not too low i in shift..+ (the main point dat i want actually) is free membership..!!~ haha..!! ^^

talking so long..guess wut job i am going to work?!?

haha..i'm working in..........


*Leisure Mall..
*ppl so called receptionist/ cust service..but they call it Front Of House..
*free uniforms provided..
*got ppl send me there n fetch me home..( my mom/my sis,her bf dat working at FF too)save transportation fees..
*near to my house..
*bout 10 minutes can arrive there from my house..
*free membership..!! haha.. the membership fees kinda expensive,if i not mistaken..haha..can keep fit..! i wanna slim down..haha..^^ my opinion..
not only got free fitness first membership,dat allow me to go in n enjoys all the facility here as i like,to keep SalaRy summore..^^ haha..

actually i kinda satisfied my my coming jobs..i guess it might not as easy as i think by working there..especially will get scolded by some "stubborn member"..but nvm..! i will hold..n try my best to work there..!! since every jobs also might get scolded by boss,i think..hehe..

with all these benefits..i think i can de..!! must can..!! haha..

but too bad..high heels needed.. =(


anyway..just wish me all of luck n all the best..^^

p/s : i think they still need workers gua..just have a try,come in for a walk in interview..n work with me..if u all matter wut kind of jobs in fitness first,including cleaner etc will hv free memberships too..haha..!!~ not bad..just for an interview.. but dont tell i recommend..hehe.. n dont rampas my job..i noe u all more good than me..haha..!~

or just come n find me if u wanna join fitness first memberships..give me earn some commission?! haha..^^

c ya..



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