Wednesday, October 12, 2011

12th October 2011..

It has been a while since i updated my blog..

The last time i really update it is bout the third weeks im working with Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

And now, October already.. Time flies.. It already 7 months passed thru since i started to work here on March 2011..

Last month i tendered my resignation.. As I'm moving forward to another stage of my life.. Feels not willing to resign this time as it feels like to soon I have been here. I should have stay longer.. But i respect my future family decisions.. They dont wish me to work night shift anymore as my body i weak n i need to rest well to have a strong body..

12th October 2011..

My first day of my last time working night shift in Traders Hotel.. Working with Lichee.. His first week of night shift after working here so long.. Heard that its a tough night for him.. haha.. Good Luck boy..

Time flies.. Nervous Leh! Today is 12th October.. Only one month left to get marry to my new family.. Becoming Mrs Pung very soon.. haha.. My tea ceremony is on 12th November.. hohoho.. A lots of ppl keep asking me how do i feels.. seriously i dont really have any special feeling yet, maybe it still not really near yet, so still not feeling the pressure.. lol..

Yesterday went for food tasting with Jackson's family n my family at Berjaya Times Square Hotel.. Everything is just great.. I love my ballroom.. Seems so grand.. Awaiting for my wedding reception on 26th November 2011.. Praying hard everything will go smooth..! Cant wait to meet up with all Ji Mui.. It has been so long didnt meet up with them ever since i started to work.. Time so limited as i cant manage to meet up with them.. Feels so bad..

Back to working topic.. I love my colleague actually.. We laugh, we making noice n having fun together.. Being in Service Centre really nice ( thinking last time dont feels like being in here.. Feel I miss my boss, my only n beloved boss in my heart, Ratish aka my daddy in Service Centre.. He lefted us one month earlier than me.. Hmm.. Sad.. Noisy Pei Pei also left us n went to reception! Now we have Hot mummy Siti, Shin Chan Steve, Tall boy Lichee, Sexy long leg Susan ( as per Lichee), loving mummy Balqish, Nizam wifey Kak Ziera, Super noisy Chindian Sharon, Most ngam Cheryl, Cute Fiffy, Big daddy Iskandar..

Im Leaving liao! Two more week to go.. will be missing u all..

Hope u all will miss me too.. Even once in awhile im satisfied too.. haha.. i love being misses.. :P

Am so glad im stepping to my another step of life on that special day.. Last but not least.. Love u JP.. :D

-with Love-

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