Monday, April 26, 2010

Today actually very moody de.. Because my colleages all go out together and having their lunch together and lefted me behind alone due to someone need to stay in the club to do those presentation in case somebody walk in enquiry for membership.. So damn sad that moment.. Because I really hate lefted behind alone..

Den after they all come back.. I don bother them and don wanna talk with them including my boss.. Obviously they know i'm very unhappy because of that and of coz I merajuk by without saying a single word.. Angry and sad.!

Then after awhile.. Suddenly my boss say got something I need to do, to drop flyers.. Ask me to follow.. Den ok lo.. Boss ma.. Fine.. Follow lo..

Who knows, in the end, he brought me to mcD and bought me my favourite mcFlurry ice cream.. Haha.. That's wut I alwiz eat when i'm sad.. Haha.. Wut a suprise.. =)) he knows and remember that I alwiz need ice cream when i'm unhappy.. At last I smile back.. Haha.. I like the suprise and ice cream by u.. =)


With the sweet smile me,

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