Saturday, March 20, 2010

Back to the problem again..

To study? To continue working?

Last time really feel like going back to study.. But now.. Suddenly feel like don wanna let go wut i'm having right now.. Besides than no time, my works really give me everything I want.. Especially now my business, my sales is getting better.. I can work more easily den can get business already.. And in the end give me salary dat allow me to give my family more money, can go shopping without thinking budget.. Buy car, handphone, laptop, go holidays using own money without needing me to ask from parents.. Its not dat I money minded, but my works provide me with free workout, free uniform, Use company phone to call clients, no need me go out, under the sun or rain to get sales.. And work place So near to my house.. And I like working here as well, altot it will be very tired sometimes and u don have much time left for myself.. But no pain no gain.. Sure must give out something to get something..

But now my mummy and sister is talking back that issues.. Asking me back to study..

How how how?

Again.. HATE making decision.!
The confuse me..

1 comment:

Ken said...

be sure what u want..
and have a talk with them as well..
good luck =)