Monday, March 23, 2009

my beloved manager, SheReeN's last day..

18th march 2009
the last day of my manager, shereen at fitness first..therefore we r having a farewell party for her at Neway there..
my favourite pic..the most beloved family pic.. =)

tat day was a memoriable day..and we're having very great time together with her..and we play till 4am++..enjoyed the moment together.. we really love and miss her alotz..everyone said we dont wanna cry on tat day..but yet, at last we all are crying like hell.. really dont wish her to leave us.. but yet..
day before this..she have a talk with me..dunno why..wen i saw her n wen she start talking with me..i looking over her eyes..n my tears rolled down..n cried non stop on tat time..altot the time i worked there is not long..but i really can feel..all of us is working as a team, a warm family either..she really treated us very good..even she alwiz get scolded by club general manager, due to us, making alots of mistakes or wutsoever..she rarely will scold us back.she's different with others manager..not showing off..we love her n she love us alots..
tat dat wen i very sad n crying so badly..thank you for tat person to accompany me n comfort me..very warm hug u have..haha..
to shereen..altot you'll never visit my blog..but just wish to tell u..all the very best for ur future undertaking..thankz for loving us this long..n of coz..we all, Front Of House, love u too..last time, now n ever.. we really do miss u alotz.. n yet..take carez alwiz..!!!
with love,

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